Windows Live Mail Error 0X800ccc90

The Windows live mail error 0X800ccc90 occurs if the mail server or POP3 server is not configured properly. The problem might be related to the mail server or the mail client files that are corrupted. Also, a small modification in the default setting of WLM can result in registry corruption, which in turn prevents the Mail application from running.

If this is the actual issue, then here are some troubleshooting solutions to fix this error.

Troubleshooting Solutions For Resolving Windows Live Mail Error 0x800ccc90:

1. Try To Remove Multiple Accounts:

  • Step 1:Open Windows Live Mail client.
  • Step 2:Choose the account you want to remove.
  • Step 3:Right-click on its header. Click on Remove Account from the Context menu. A pop-up prompts to confirm your choice.
  • Step 4:Tap on Yes to delete the account.
  • Step 5:Repeat these steps to delete the remaining accounts.
  • Step 6:Exit the app and launch it again. Try to access the account and check if the error message is cleared.

2. Modify Internet Options Settings:

  • Step 1:Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard. The Run dialog box opens.
  • Step 2:Type control and choose OK. The Control Panel opens on the screen.
  • Step 3:Tap on Network and Internet.
  • Step 4:Choose Internet Options.
  • Step 5:The Internet Properties window displays. Go to the Security tab.
  • Step 6:Click on Trusted Sites available under Select a zone to view or change security settings.
  • Step 7:Tap on the Sites button.
  • Step 8:The Trusted Sites window opens on the screen. Add your URL in the specified field.
  • Step 9:Disable the checkbox beside Require server verification (https:) for all the sites in this zone.
  • Step 10:Tap on OK and all the changes will be saved.
  • Step 11:Now, open the Windows Live Mail app and add the account. Check if the Windows Live Mail error 0x800ccc90 is resolved.

3. Try To Repair Windows Live Mail Client:

  • Step 1:Press the Windows + R keys simultaneously on your computer’s keyboard.
  • Step 2:The Run command opens on the screen.
  • Step 3:Now, input Control and then tap on OK. The Control Panel screen opens.
  • Step 4:Here, go to Programs and choose Programs and Features.
  • Step 5:Click on Windows Essentials or Windows Live Mail if the app is installed manually.
  • Step 6:Tap on Change or Uninstall. The Windows Live Mail repair tool and uninstaller will open.
  • Step 7:Choose the Repair all Windows Live Program option.
  • Step 8:Windows will start scanning the Windows Live Mail files. If required, Windows will repair them.
  • Step 9:Close the Control Panel once the repair is done. Then begin the email client. Verify if the Windows Mail error 0x800ccc90 is cleared.

If the Windows Live Mail error 0x800ccc90 is still not fixed, then get our technical team’s help clicking the Call button and resolve the issue in quick time.

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