Yahoo Mail Imap Settings

The Yahoo mail IMAP settings service was launched way back in the ‘90s and was the first email client to offer three different mail plans such as the Basic, Yahoo+, and Ad-free. All the remaining mail services were for the businesses, and a few of the email clients supported the IMAP and POP3 feature.

  • Step 1: The Internet Message Access Protocol, also called IMAP, is an email protocol that helps in retrieving and storing email messages from and to the email servers.
  • Step 2: When IMAP protocol is used to access the emails from the mail servers, they receive the emails on the email clients, and store a copy of the emails on the server as well. So, the same email can be accessed from other email clients as well.
  • Step 3: While yahoo mail imap settings is configured to receive emails on the email client, SMTP is used to send emails to others.
  • Step 4: The most important and initial set up step is to enable IMAP on your email account. Only then, your email client will be able to access the Yahoo mail server to retrieve or send your emails.

The settings to configure a Yahoo mail account using IMAP are given below.

  • Step 1: Yahoo Mail IMAP server:
  • Step 2: IMAP port: 993
  • Step 4: IMAP user name: your full yahoo email address
  • Step 5: IMAP password: your full yahoo email password
  • Step 6: Yahoo Mail SMTP server:
  • Step 7: SMTP Port: 465 (You can also use the alternate port number 587)
  • Step 9: SMTP username: Your full Yahoo email address
  • Step 10: SMTP password: Your full Yahoo email password or account password
  • Step 11: The Yahoo mail also supports application passwords; in this case, two-step verification is used.
  • Step 12: The password allows a specific set of programs to access your Yahoo account without the account password.

These are the important incoming and outgoing server settings required for configuring a yahoo mail imap settings.

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