How To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Sending Emails Issue?

Have you tried to send an email message to one of your contacts through your Yahoo! Mail account and received the “unable to send” message? If yes, you’re not alone. The “Yahoo Mail not sending emails” query has been searched by many users in recent times. On this page, we have covered some possible ways that can help you fix this issue.

Resolving the “Unable To Send Yahoo Emails” Issue

Causes Of Yahoo Not Sending Emails

Generally, Yahoo! Mail will not send an email message, if:

  • Step 1:The mail server is down.
  • Step 2:Your internet connection is unstable.
  • Step 3:There is a problem with the Yahoo! Mail app.
  • Step 4:You’re trying to send a document of large size.
  • Step 5:You’re trying to send the mail to a blocked email address.
  • Step 6:The Yahoo! Mail account settings are misconfigured.

Five solutions to fix “Yahoo Mail not sending emails”

  • Step 1:First, check the status of the Yahoo! Mail server.
  • Step 2:If the server status is offline, the problem is with Yahoo.
  • Step 3:In this case, wait for the issue to be fixed from the service provider’s side.
  • Step 4:If the Yahoo server status is online, check to ensure that your computer or device is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Step 5:Secondly, reinstall the Yahoo! Mail app or re-add your Yahoo account.
  • Step 6:If you’re using your account via the Yahoo! Mail app on your smartphone, reinstall the app.
  • Step 7:Similarly, if you’re using the default Mail app of your phone to access your Yahoo account, then remove and re-add the account to it.
  • Step 8:Thirdly, check the file type you have attached with the email.
  • Step 9:Ensure that the attached file type is supported by Yahoo.
  • Step 10:Also, check to ensure that the attached file size is not more than 25 MB.
  • Step 11:Fourthly, type the email address correctly.
  • Step 12:Check to ensure that the receiver’s email address is entered correctly in the To field.
  • Step 13:Also, make sure that you’re not sending the email message to a blocked contact.
  • Step 14:Finally, reconfigure the account’s server settings.
  • Step 15:Check whether your Yahoo! Mail account’s IMAP and SMTP server settings are configured correctly.
  • Step 16:If not, reconfigure them.

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