Yahoo Mail Not Showing All Emails In Inbox

Why is Yahoo Mail not showing all emails in the inbox? To know this, you need to spend time reading this article because we will be telling you the reasons and solutions to fix the issue.Yahoo is a serious competitor with other top email service providers. Yahoo has a simple UI (user interface) that attracts users. Not only that, but Yahoo also has excellent features that really enhance the user’s experience. But, with so many positives, why does Yahoo not show all the emails in the inbox? Before we go deep into this article, ask your sender to check their sent items to see if the mail is sent successfully. If not, ask the email sender to resend the mail. If this is your scenario, you are lucky to get the answer very early. If not, continue reading. Don’t worry. We won’t bore you.If Yahoo mail does not show all your emails, you should do the basic things to resolve the issue.


  • Step 1:Check your internet connection – You could be at the wrong place when using Yahoo, i.e., there could be a poor internet connection while you try to view your inbox. If this is the case, you will not receive all the emails sent to you at that particular time. So, check your internet speed and wait until a stable internet connection is established. Or, move to a place with a strong network signal.
  • Step 2:An outdated Yahoo mail application could be one of the causes. The outdated application may fail you sometimes. So, update the Yahoo mail app periodically to avoid this issue.
  • Step 3:Try clearing the Cookies and Caches. This avoids issues from the browser’s end, so you are not restricted from accessing your Yahoo mail.

These are a few basic things you must look into at first. Users have reported that these fixes have worked for them. These fixes could be simple, but you can get the problem solved quickly if they are the culprit causing the issue.


If the above fixes don’t do the trick for you, then keep reading until you find the right solution.

Email Filters

If Yahoo mail does not show all emails in your inbox, you should check different filters. If the email filter settings are changed, the emails sent to you may land in another folder. So, make sure you remove the email filter by following the below steps.

  • Step 1:Open the Yahoo mail app.
  • Step 2:Log in to your Yahoo account with the correct credentials.
  • Step 3:Navigate to the Settings menu.
  • Step 4:Choose More Settings.
  • Step 5:Navigate to the Filter tab and select the filters individually.
  • Step 6:Click the Delete option.

Check the Spam Folder

Yahoo can filter unwanted emails from entering your inbox. Most of the time, Yahoo filters spam emails correctly, but sometimes it may fail. So, the mail sent to you might land in the spam folder. Therefore, check the spam folder to see if the email you were expecting is found there.

Reply-to Address

Yahoo has an outstanding feature called Reply-to. This feature allows you to choose a different email address for your recipients to reply to. If you use this feature, emails will not land in your inbox but go to the other account inbox.For example, consider sending an email from to someone and having opted to receive replies in In this case, if the recipients reply to your email, then the mail lands in the, make sure you check the inbox of the particular Yahoo account where you have opted to receive your emails.


  • Step 1:Check for blocked senders – if you have blocked an email address, you will not receive any emails from them.
  • Step 2:Send an email to yourself - this is to check if the Yahoo service is working correctly. Even if you can log in, you will not receive emails if the server is down.
  • Step 3:Reset your web browser – if you are using Yahoo in your browser, then the cookies and data which have been accumulated while browsing may affect the websites and Yahoo. So, reset the browser and try again.
  • Step 4:Check if your inbox is full – if your Yahoo inbox is full, then the mails sent to you will not be seen in the inbox. Delete all the unwanted mails and ask the sender to resend the mail.

Even after trying the above procedures, if Yahoo mail is not showing all emails in your inbox, feel free to call us to resolve the issue.

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