Yahoo Mail Not Syncing With Outlook? Here Are The Fixes

Sometimes, your Yahoo! Mail account might not sync with the Outlook email client?” No worries! We are here to help you out. Continue reading this page to know the causes and solutions to fix this problem.Yahoo! Mail is one of the email service providers used by all kinds of people to send and receive emails. Creating and accessing Yahoo! Mail is pretty easy.Outlook is an email client that is preferred by both large and small business owners to send/receive their business-related emails across the world. This email client allows you to configure and access more than one email account simultaneously. You can also sync and access your Yahoo! Mail account with the Outlook email client.Even if the synchronization process is simple, many users experience difficulties when performing it.So, scroll down this page to know why your Yahoo Mail not syncing with Outlook and how to fix it.

Causes Of Yahoo Mail Not Working With Outlook

Yahoo! Mail will not sync with Outlook if:

  • Step 1:Your computer’s internet connection is unstable.
  • Step 2:The “less secure sign-in” option is turned off.
  • Step 3:The account settings are entered wrongly.
  • Step 4:The POP access is disabled on your Yahoo account.

Troubleshooting Solutions To Fix Yahoo Mail Not Syncing With Outlook

Perform the following troubleshooting solutions one by one. After performing each solution, check if the email service is syncing with the client. If Yahoo! Mail is not syncing with Outlook again, execute the next troubleshooting method.

Recheck the internet connection

  • Step 1:As the first step of troubleshooting the “Yahoo! Mail not syncing with Outlook” problem, check whether your computer (on which you’re using the email client) is connected to a stable internet connection.
  • Step 2:If not, use another connection that is stable.
  • Step 3:Contact your ISP to fix the internet connection issue, if necessary.

Enable “less secure sign-in”

  • Step 1:Check if the “less secure sign-in” feature is enabled on your Yahoo! Mail account. If not, enable it. To do this task, carry out the following instructions:
  • Step 2:Open a web browser.
  • Step 3:Go to the Yahoo! Mail sign-in page.
  • Step 4:Sign in to your account (the one with which you’re facing the sync problem).
  • Step 5:Now, open the Account Info tab.
  • Step 6:Choose Account Security and check if the “Allow apps that require a less secure sign-in” option is selected.
  • Step 7:If not, select it now.

Enable POP access

  • Step 1:First, check whether the POP access is enabled on your account if you’re using the POP settings for the incoming email.
  • Step 2:Sign in to your Yahoo account over a web browser to verify it.
  • Step 3:Open the Settings menu.
  • Step 4:Choose Mail Options.
  • Step 5:Click on the POP & Forwarding option under the Advanced Options section.
  • Step 6:Now, check if the radio button beside the Access Yahoo! Mail via POP option is checked. If not, click on it.
  • Step 7:Save the settings.

Now, check if your Yahoo! Mail account is syncing with the Outlook email client. If the Yahoo Mail Not Syncing With Outlook issue continues, move on to the next solution..

Configure the account manually

  • Step 1:You need to check if your account settings are configured correctly.
  • Step 2:If not, configure them manually using the incoming and outgoing server settings given below.

Incoming & outgoing server settings of Yahoo! Mail for Outlook

  • Step 1:Incoming server type: POP or IMAP
  • Step 2:Incoming server address: or
  • Step 3:Incoming port number: 995 (POP) or 993 (IMAP)
  • Step 4:Incoming security type: SSL or TLS
  • Step 5:Outgoing server address:
  • Step 6:SMTP Port: 465 or 587
  • Step 7:Outgoing (SMTP) security type: SSL or TLS
  • Step 8:Authentication: Yes, required (Your Yahoo! account’s email address and password)

Contact us if Yahoo! Mail is not syncing with Outlook even after performing the above troubleshooting methods.

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