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Yahoo! Mail is an email service designed for personal use. Like other email service providers, you can use Yahoo! Mail to send and receive emails over the internet. In addition to email service, it also provides a search option that helps you find some specific message or attachment on your account.

Even if it is easy to use, at times, people face some problems with Yahoo! Mail. The “Yahoo! Mail search not working” problem is a very common one faced by many users. So, if you’re facing this problem for the first time, don’t worry, you can fix it easily and quickly.

Causes Of Yahoo Search Not Working Problem

Before going into the troubleshooting solutions, let’s see some common causes of this problem. The Yahoo! Mail search will not work if:

  • Step 1:The web browser you’re using is an outdated or incompatible one.
  • Step 2:There is a problem with the adobe flash player or the app cache.
  • Step 3:Cookie or cache stored on your browser is conflicting.
  • Step 4:An extension is blocking the service.
  • Step 5:Javascript is disabled on your browser.

Solutions For Yahoo Mail Search Not Working Issue

Perform the following troubleshooting solutions one by one. After performing each method, check if the search option is working. If the Yahoo! Mail search is not working again, perform the next method.

Update the browser

  • Step 1:Check and update the web browser you’re using to access Yahoo! Mail.
  • Step 2:If you’re using Google Chrome, open the More menu.
  • Step 3:Select Help > About Google Chrome > Update Google Chrome.
  • Step 4:Relaunch the browser if prompted.
  • Step 5:After updating the browser, check if the search function is working.

Clear the cache and cookies (Edge)

  • Step 1:Open Settings on the Edge browser.
  • Step 2:Type site data in the address field.
  • Step 3:Tap Enter.
  • Step 4:Select and clear all the cache and cookie data.

Enable Javascript (Chrome)

  • Step 1:Open the Settings screen on your Chrome browser.
  • Step 2:Click Site Settings > Javascript > Sites > Add.
  • Step 3:Type the Yahoo address in the field.
  • Step 4:Click OK.
  • Step 5:Open the Site Settings screen again.
  • Step 6:Click Pop-ups and redirects > Allow all cookies.

Other solutions

  • Step 1:Restart the web browser.
  • Step 2:Temporarily disable the firewall feature or the antivirus software running on your computer.
  • Step 3:Remove the problematic extensions from the browser.

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