Zoho Mail POP Not Working - [SOLVED]

If you have configured your Zoho mail using the POP server settings and now if the Zoho Mail POP not working, then you’ve reached the right page to resolve it.

Zoho mail is a secure email service that is designed for business purposes. This email service allows you to share and communicate information with the entire organization. The modern collaboration tools like comments, likes, and sharing are offered by this email service. 

It is quite common for an error to occur with the mail service provider. If Zoho Mail POP is not working for the first time, sign out and again sign into your Zoho account. If this process doesn’t resolve the issue, then check whether you have configured your account settings. Make sure that the username, password, server details are entered correctly. If required, modify the account settings.

After modifying the settings, check if the issue is resolved. If you encounter this issue while using Zoho mail in third-party email clients such as Outlook or Thunderbird, then check whether the Two Factor Authentication (TFA) is enabled for your account. If yes, create an app-specific password for your account.

To create the app-specific password, follow the below instructions.

zoho mail pop not working
  • Step 1 : Go to the following web page: zoho.com
  • Step 2 : Enter your Zoho Mail account credentials in the given fields and click 
  • Step 3 : Click the Two Factor Authentication option followed by Manage application-specific password. 
  • Step 4 : In the device namefield, enter the desired name.
  • Step 5 : Make sure to enter your account’s user name and password in the given fields correctly.
  • Step 6 : Click Now, the app-specific password for your account will be created. 
  • Step 7 : Copy the generated app-specific passwordand paste it in the required field. 

If the Zoho Mail POP not working issue persists, contact us.

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